Focus on regulating body temperature (9/28)

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Heating and cooling takes up 26% of residential electricity usages. By focusing on regulating body temperature instead of the air, we can save a lot of money. In the summer time consider the following:

  • Set your thermostat back a few degrees during peak hours to save up to 10% of your yearly heating and cooling bill. During peak hours your HVAC system has to work a lot harder and by setting it back a few degrees you can save a lot. If it makes it easier, you can also install a programmable thermostat or even a wifi enabled thermostat to turn the temperature back when you are away from your home.
  • Using your blinds is a simple solution that can reduce your heat gain by as much as 45%. This is an affordable and easy way to reduce your cooling bill. For even further savings, install plants and bushes close to your windows to also block out natural light and you can trim them in the winter time to allow light in.
  • Dress cooler, wear shorts and t-shirts to help release heat from your body
  • Eat lighter and fresh food. Hydrating foods such as melons and cucumbers are in season for a reason, they help you stay cool and hydrated.
  • Use a fan. Using your fan us very economical and can help cool your body feel up to four degrees cooler without turning up the thermostat.

During the winter time, you can get your favourite set of cosy pyjamas and blanket and heat up more easily without using the central heat and still feel comfortable.

Contributors: Ramon Khan from National Air Warehouse

Written by Ben Skute

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