Firefly: The World’s First Cellular, WiFi & Bluetooth Protec (1/28)

"Firefly" Case - iPhone 7 in Firefly streams faster than an iPhone 8 (short version)

Lynnwood, WA - iPhone 7 in the "Firefly" iPhone beta case (WavCatcher embedded) vs a naked iPhone 8. This abridged video demonstrates the last instance in a side-by-side speed test set (10 instances) on a cellular network using the mobile app preferred by network engineers.

The “Firefly” case with WavCatcher embedded antenna technology protects your phone and improves its connectivity, speed and battery life through better global cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth signaling. The video demonstrates an iPhone 7 with Firefly vs an iPhone 8. Out of 120 consecutive test instances, the average download throughput, necessary for streaming and most mobile applications, was better on the iPhone 7 with the Firefly by 47.22%. For more details about how the Firefly case optimizes your phone and to access the full test report (Update #7), please visit (

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