Fire & Flavor Cedar Wraps (9/18)

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From the company: At Fire & Flavor, our goal is to simplify and enhance every part of the cooking experience for aspiring cooks and grillers, from Fire to Flavor.

You’ve never had your chosen protein like this: on the grill or in the oven. With Fire & Flavor Cedar Wraps, you can steam, smoke, and fire to cook succulent seafood, mouth-watering meat, or delectable vegetables.

Our wraps couldn’t be easier to use, which means they’re great for a quick masterpiece no matter your level of expertise.

Fire & Flavor Cedar Wraps are HAACP Certified and made from 100% natural BCWestern Red Cedar which imparts a subtle, woodsy and aromatic flavor for all protein preferences, unlike any other method.

Contributors: Davis Knox Team from Fire & Flavor

Written by Ben Skute

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