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Want to up your boyfriend’s shaving game, Fine Accoutrements, the retro men’s shaving brand has launched their own double edge safety razor to cap their now full lineup of traditional shaving products. The Fine “Marvel” Safety Razor brings “Mr. Fine’s” successful formula of vintage product modernization to the most crucial tool necessary for a “Fine Shave.” 

The Fine “Marvel” Safety Razor features an aggressively arched blade suspended over a large comforting safety bar. It utilizes a classic three-piece design and precision molded zinc alloy construction with bright chrome electroplating. Current cartridge users will be amazed at just how comfortable a safety razor can be, while experienced wet-shavers may be just as surprised at how such an efficient shaver can shorten their usual routines.

Contributor: Hillary Herskowitz from HH PR

Written by Ben Skute

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