Feminine Figures – Women’s Professional Pocketed Slacks/Legg (17/32)

Feminine Figures is a company created by women for women. We have created the perfect hybrid of slacks and leggings for the professional work environment, the gym, and leisure. Profesionally Pocketed design are a blend of slacks and leggings combining professionalism with comfort. They are opaque, pet-hair resistant, and have double outer thigh zippered pockets that are large enough for an iphone plus. The exercise and leisure blends also come equipped with double zipper pockets and designed for every activity under the sun! These pockets can hold your phone, ipod, wallet, keys, pepper spray/safety equipment, insulin pumps/medications, sunglasses, whatever you need! We believe that professional working women need a fashion overhaul! We want the comfort and stretch of leggings with the professional and sleek look of slacks. Pocketed slacks and leggings are the future and Feminine Figures wants to be a part of the evolution! Please support our kickstarter and be the first to own and contribute to the Future of Fashion with Feminine Figures!


Feminine Figures leggings and slacks with zippered pockets.

Marissa is raising funds for Feminine Figures leggings and slacks with zippered pockets. on Kickstarter! Women’s professional slacks and leggings. Discrete, zippered pockets on each outer thigh. Formal, functional, comfortable leggings.

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