Faith-Infused Training: A Biblical Perspective (4/24)

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Does it matter what we do with our bodies? The answer is yes! All of us were created by God for a purpose, so it only makes sense to define health and fitness through Him. Faith-Infused Training helps us attain bodily transformation by applying biblical principles to diet and exercise. 

Our culture is rampant with the overconsumption of food, alcohol, and a plethora of other junk. We are caring for our bodies less, and as a result, we have never been more overweight or out of shape than we are today. 

By discovering the truth about what God has to say concerning our bad habits, we can achieve lifelong results through:

  • Fitness that begins with the image of God 
  • Health defined by the teachings of Jesus 
  • Growth empowered by the Holy Spirit 

This book instructs us on how to build a strong foundation for health and fitness. Each chapter digs deeper into the root of the problem: our own hearts. Once we can establish God as our main source for motivation and inspiration, we can experience Him as the greatest catalyst for change, inside and out. Now let’s get started! 

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Contributor: Megan Poling from Lucid Books

Written by Taegan Lion

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  1. The most amazing bible based book I’ve read. Everyone should read this for motivation and inspiration. Did I mention it’s amazing!

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