Facing Down Empty Nest Syndrome by Cynthia MacGregor (6/18)

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I wrote this book for the mother whose children have recently grown and flown or are approaching the age where they are about to move out.

If the prospect of your last child leaving for college or moving out of the family home to get on with his or her life feels like it would be the end of yours, this book is for you. You’ve lived and breathed for your children for decades, and suddenly it seems they don’t need you any more. That feeling, coupled with unaccustomed time to yourself, can be overwhelming. Your kids have been your whole life, or a large part of it, but their moving out doesn’t have to depress you. Here is help for building a new phase of life for yourself and, as the title says, facing down that empty nest syndrome. 

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Contributor: Cynthia (Cyn) MacGregor

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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