Eating Out (2/10)

To celebrate a successful day I love to go out to eat. My favorite dining experiences are Korean BBQ restaurants, especially those that are all-you-can-eat Hot Pots and BBQ. I have two girlfriends I especially like to go to these places with. One doesn’t eat red meat, the other is on the Keto diet. So these places not only give us the opportunity to order what we can eat. But because we are grilling, we can sit and chat for 2 to 3 hours without feeling pressure to leave, and we all leave very full both in our bellies and our spirit as we have just caught up in perhaps months of past news.

It’s the best way to really celebrate a day that just felt great, even if it was the smallest of victories. (It’s also a great way to unwind on tough days.)

Contributor: Jessica Quintero from justrightfamilycafe

Written by James Metcalfe

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