Dundalk Dan’s Beef Jerky (1/34)

Dundalk Dan’s Awesome Beef Jerky is a unique, tasty and healthy gift for the great outdoorsman! A perfect high-protein snack for hiking, fishing, hunting, and boating. It is backpack/rucksack friendly and requires no refrigeration, heating or utensils. And it is vacuum sealed!

Dundalk Dan’s jerky is handcrafted in small-batches using only the highest quality ingredients – USDA Choice beef, gluten and nitrite free with no added preservatives. The beef is thinly sliced and marinated for 3 days and turned every 12 hours. After a specialized finishing process, each small batch is date stamped and vacuum sealed for the ultimate freshness.

Dundalk Dan’s offers four awesome flavors – Chesapeake (steamed crab), Sriracha, Sweet BBQ and Habanero – a taste for everyone. The Chesapeake is a seafood lover’s favorite; the award winning Sriracha is a spicy take on the familiar Thai flavor; the Sweet BBQ is a perfect balance of sweet and tangy; and the Habanero is a blend of bold flavors with a real kick.

Contributor: Debbie Tayman from Dundalk Dan’s Awesome Beef Jerky

Written by Ben Skute

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