Drive by Daniel H. Pink (8/32)

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As the name suggests, what we thought motivates us isn’t accurate most of the time, especially given how the economy has changed in the past few decades. Pink looks at extrinsic vs intrinsic motivators and goes on to break down the three elements of what he refers to as Motivation 3.0 (vs the old 2.0 carrot and stick method). In Motivation 3.0, individuals need autonomy, mastery, and purpose to motivate them. He breaks down motivation research that gives great insights into how to best motivate people, whether those people be employees, volunteers, spouses, children, students, or even you. 

It’s a great read and really changed the way I understood motivation. I wish I’d read this earlier when I was still supervising my staff, but I’m definitely using it to change how I motivate myself.

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Contributor: Anne Brackett from Strengths University

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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