Develop a Food Plan and Cut out all Sugars (5/9)

To stop thinking about Food, make as many food decisions ahead of time as possible and cut out intense craving causing food.

Make your Food Plan as rote as you can. For example, eating the same breakfast will stop thoughts of what else you could be eating as you only eat eggs withsautéed spinach and a side of turkey bacon.

Eliminating Sugar and Flour will also decrease the thoughts of food as they bothtend to provoke cravings and many of have learned to associate them withemotions good or bad. Be aware our body processes flour in a similar manner asSugar, so both will need to go.

When we always eat the same foods for lunch, and they are healthy, what is there to think about? In a few weeks, unnecessary thoughts of food will fade away as we detox from Sugar and Flour. Adopting a regular Food Plan up levels ones thinking from the mindset Food should be interesting and give us enjoyment to Food is Fuel.

Contributors: Erin Wathen from EW Wellness Solutions LLC

Written by Ben Skute

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