Detective Cola #1 (8/13)

Detective Cola #1

Detective Cola #1 is the first issue of my developing series Detective Cola. The series follows Chris Cola, a detective in Sugar Cane City, who is trying to get to the bottom of what’s really going on. As a street girl is murdered in an alleyway chris gets assigned the case,little does he know what truths he will uncover in his investigation. But let’s hope chris is prepared for the people who will try and keep the truth hidden. What dangers lie in the darkest corners of the city?

Written by Jarren Arreola

I started reading comics in middle school, soon after I wanted to learn how to draw. I found out quickly that I was gonna go no where with the art I was drawing, so instead I tried out writing. I just started writing by copying other stories but altering it a bit and coming up with different conclusions. From there I started to make original stories and ideas, I have 20+ original  stories that I have started to write, and I have one that I am currently in the process of developing. My main goal is to just create stories that people enjoy to read and can escape into a different world, just like comics did for me.

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