Deejopocket knives (8/21)

Buying Dad another necktie or coffee mug is almost as bad as listening when he claims he doesn’t want a gift. This year, get your Dad or Husband a classic yet modern gift that truly emulates his personality.

Deejopocket knives began as a desire to (re)kindle the pleasure of having a knife in your pocket for any adventure and even everyday life. Small as a pen, Deejo is easy to carry, to use, and to make it yours. Deejo can be customized at ranging from $29-$80 depending on your customization and selections.

The Deejo pocket knife is all about personalization. You can design a Deejo with just a few clicks and to the finest detail, choosing from literally several thousand customization combinations to make a Deejo that’s meaningful to your Father or Husband. Choose from a variety of tattoos, weights, finishes and handles to make a one-of-a-kind custom Deejo just for the man/dad/husband in your life.

Deejo can also be found in hundreds of stores and outlets throughout the United States, including REI, Mast General Store, and Hagan Ace Hardware (Florida).

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Written by Nathaniel Fried

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