Death Comes for the Archbishop (7/11)

The wild west has and always will be intriguing reading and Willa Cather’s Death Comes for the Archbishop, will not disappoint in its portrayal of the many trials and tribulations encountered in the opening up of the New Mexico territory following the region’s annexation to the United States and two Catholic priest’s long-lasting friendship and their devotion to each other and the Church.

The story follows Father Jean Marie Latour, a French Jesuit missionary priest from Sandusky, Ohio assigned by the Vatican, and his personal friend Father Joseph Vaillant, to New Mexico to reinvigorate the Catholic Church in the territory after years of neglect.

The book follows the many trials of Latour and Vaillant as they become entwined in their new territory with Catholics, non-Catholics, and native American Indians in their attempt to share their more disciplined approach to Catholicism.

I learned all about two friend’s dedication to each other and their love of the Church. I learned about New Mexico and the Southwest region and how the Catholic Church attempted to keep their religion alive.

I was made aware of the struggles of the Native American Indians, and how difficult it must have been living in those times when the Southwest was wild and untamed, and the value of friendship to help you survive the tough times!

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