Dating Radar by Megan Hunter (29/94)

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Hunter knows that love truly is blind, and her work introduces the world to the theory of high-conflict personalities that can sneak into your love life and turn it upside down.  Why are people drawn to toxic relationship partners like moths to a flame? Dating Radar seeks to answer that question with an in-depth analysis of the type of personality, labeled high-conflict personalities, that take your love life by storm with passion and flying sparks before a sudden transformation into misery, jealousy, and control.

While some insist that their partner “changed overnight,” Hunter will teach you to spot those hidden red flags that warn of a rocky road ahead but often go unnoticed. I’m suggesting this book because it instills the readers with methods of improving their relationship intelligence: the ability to know one’s own vulnerabilities and identify potentially toxic relationships before they are in too deep. The book details the several types of high-conflict personalities, including narcissistic, borderline, antisocial, histrionic, and paranoid partners, and it identifies other issues that can cause conflict and controlling behaviors, such as addiction and mental disorders.

It also goes into the psychology and chemistry of attraction to identify the reason why one may actively seek out a harmful romance. Most importantly,  Hunter also provides readers with an exit strategy, a nonsense-free way to rip off the Band-Aid once and for all.

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Written by Taegan Lion

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