Dandelion on Fire (1/7)

The underlying theme of this middle grade/teen thriller is good vs. evil. Not only is it a “clean read,” it has reminiscent vibes of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys wrapped up with some good 21st century high tech. This 2016 Benjamin Franklin Book Award Gold Medalist for Teen Fiction shows that clean doesn’t have to be boring. (for ages 10 and up)

This novel truly stands out and is a breath of fresh air for the YA genre. Torgent shows us that we can have knock out, new YA stories that are intense, heart-breaking, deep, clean, and mind-blowing without being numbingly stereotypical, raunchy, and a wash-rinse-repeat of everything else in the YA mystery/sci-fi genre.

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Contributor: Sherry Torgent

Company: blueinkpress.com

Written by Nathaniel Fried

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  1. Awesome book. I have bought it for all the young teens in my family and they slate hooked on the story line.

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