Daily Spending (12/20)

We earn some money monthly and we spent some amount daily, until in the end of month we realise that all the money is gone. So when I was a student, I came out with a very simple solution how to effectively manage our expenses— you should have a daily limit, which you can’t exceed. 

For example: let’s say you are getting 3000USD after all the taxes monthly, you want to save at least 300USD each month, so you can spend 3000 – 300 = 2700USD monthly. You divide this amount on amount of days in current month and get your daily limit: 2700/30  = 90, so you can spend 90USD during one day. This means that whatever you do, you can’t spend more than 90USD daily. If you have spent less, for example 50USD, the 40USD is adding to your next day limit, so you have 90 + 40 = 130 USD to spent next day. If you exceed your daily limit for example for 10 USD, this amount will be deducted from your next day’s limit: 90 – 10 = 80. 

So if you want to buy something expensive, you should make a small “savings” from previous days so that your daily budget will be more than 90USD. This method really works and helps you to effectively save money and it is helping me very much, so I decided to make a very simple app, which has been featured by Apple already. It has minimalistic design, and minimum of functionality. No categories, no complex graphics and statistics. 

In the end it doesn’t really matter what we spend our money for, which category it is: food, clothes, fun or whatever else. The only one thing that maters is an amount itself— 100, 10 or whatever else. All you have to do is to put your income and how much you want to save monthly, and based on this app is calculating how much is your daily limit. Then you add each of your expense you had during the day— only numbers, no categories.

Contributors: David Lashkhi from Daily Budget

Written by Ben Skute

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