Cyrus Prince of Persia by Alexander Jovy (8/8)

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Cyrus Prince of Persia is a vivid narrative of adventure, suspense, and heart-rending drama that captures one of history’s most captivating figures: Cyrus the Great, founder of Ancient Persia – the world’s first great empire – a magnificent leader whose passion won both the hearts of his subjects and also those of two extraordinary women – the wildly beautiful warrior Roxana and the exquisite Cassadane.

This is a story of great adventure, unlikely friendships, epic romance, heroic battle scenes, and the raw business of survival. Cyrus Prince of Persia brings the ancient history of Persia (now Iran) alive as few novels can. Follow the life and times of Cyrus the Great as he learns of his roots and is cast into battle as a young warrior restoring faith, cooperation and tolerance to a society profoundly relevant of our times.

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