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As the world’s first premium organic instant tea, Cusa Tea’s Chai Tea is made with 100% organic black tea, spiced with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, clove and black pepper. The Chai is unsweetened and does not contain dairy, which elevates the robust spiced flavors of the organic tea. It also goes well with honey added for extra flavor! 

Cusa recently won two awards from the Global Tea Championships and the process they created to make the first delicious instant tea now holds 22 patents. Ten instant packets come in every box, and each packet makes a 12-14 ounce cup of perfectly steeped chai tea in under 3 seconds. Available for purchase online and in select retailers (MSRP $10). All of Cusa Tea’s flavors has zero sugar, zero additives, and zero fillers or preservatives, and can be enjoyed hot or cold. Sit back, sip and relax with a mug of Cusa Tea’s Chai. 

Contributors: Brooke Fifield from Big Fish Collective 

Written by Ben Skute

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