CSCO: First Station – a Global Espionage Technothriller (5/13)

CSCO: First Station - a Global Espionage Technothriller

What’s it really like to be inside the head of a CIA Case Officer?

Ben Daniels is a freshly minted Clandestine Service Case Officer on his first tour of duty and the Central European capital of Prague is fertile grounds for the trade of espionage.

Amid the grandiose spires and domes Ben cuts his teeth, collecting Top Secret intelligence and developing high level foreign sources.

Ever honing his tradecraft, he is pulled into global coup plots, wars of mass genocide, new technologies aimed at our top fighter aircraft and pilots, and an arms deal that will engulf the Middle East in flames of the next holocaust.

The Cold War is now over but a host of fresh dangers threaten our global interests and very homeland.  Can Ben prevail in the face of appalling odds or will the spectral perils of a new world consume him?

CSCO:  First Station is a deep look into the world of Human Intelligence Operations, the first in a series of seven chronicles tracking the career of a bleeding edge CIA Case Officer over the course of three decades.  In addition to the varied perilous missions in every book, a larger plot runs the entire length of each novel, and a global, overarching plot spans the course of the full series – but do Ben and the CIA ever detect what’s building?

I’ve been inspired by Robert Ludlum, John Le Carré, Tom Clancy, and Adam Hall’s Quiller, and have had this writing percolating in my over 20 years, ever since I came out of 12 years of HUMINT field operations with DIA and in my later career as a corporate manager in strategic planning and special projects.

Exotic locations, high-speed spy tech, Top Secret tradecraft, real-world HUMINT ops, and history driven plot:  Ben Daniels may rise to the shadowed heights of the Agency but what does it do to him?  Does he ever make a difference??

Written by Dave Pendleton

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