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I recently made a cross-country move from NYC to Seattle. I came here Seattle knowing nobody, aside from a couple former colleagues and individuals from my hometown. I reached out to everyone I knew on LinkedIn and Facebook, told them I was moving and asked for coffee or a drink. Every single person replied with, yes! All you need to do is ask!ou need to do is ask!

Put yourself out there. Most people will happily share their city with a newcomer. There are a number of resources you can utilize, such as Bumble BFF or MeetUps. Also, look into alumni groups and get involved! And, don’t be afraid to go to a bar or restaurant by yourself. I don’t believe there is a secret sauce to making new friends in a new city, you simply need to put in the effort and be open to new people and experiences.

Contributors: Lili Morton from Armoire

Written by Ben Skute

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