Compliments Become Negative Statements (6/16)

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Even if they’ve assured you that there was no hidden mean behind what they’re saying. Let’s say he/she says, “You look good tonight babe,” and you automatically say, “you don’t think I look good all the time?” You’ve completely glossed over the fact that your partner is admiring you. And even after they’ve assured you that you are always beautiful/handsome, your mind still can’t let it go and that comes with follow up questions. “Why did you say I look good tonight? That must mean that I only look good tonight. Are you even attracted to me?” If you can’t take your partner at face value and believe that they just wanted to let you know that you look good in that moment, your over analyzing what they’re saying, which is normally tied to an insecurity. 

Contributors: Chantel Cohen from CWC Coaching and Therapy

Written by Ben Skute

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