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So you’ve developed feelings for your best friend and you’re not quite sure how to approach it. The good news is… they’re your best friend. You know them well and understand how they handle things. They’re also going to care about you in one way or another. If they want to remain friends, they’re going to be gentle about it… Obviously, you need to have a conversation with them at some point. Be sure to pick a quiet location away from others so they don’t feel pressured. What you should be aiming for here is honest, open and relaxed discussion.

To mitigate some of the risk here you should test the waters. Try flirting with them a little, increase the physical contact and see how they respond. You don’t want to go overboard but you do want to see how they respond when you step slightly outside of the friend zone. It can also act as a subtle precursor to the conversation. If they start to see you’re developing feelings for them, they’re not going to be blindsided by theconversation. Go ahead and give it a try — there’s only one way to know if they feel the same way!

Contributors: James Anderson from BeyondAges

Written by Ben Skute

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