Chrysmela, The Most Secure Earring Back (32/66)

Have you ever lost an earring?

On the go, you have no time to worry about losing a favorite earring or to go find a perfect replacement.

Flaunt your favorite earrings with confidence, from VIP airport lounge to the beach party. One pair fits all types of earrings with straight posts. So no guessing the size and types of earrings they wear. Hypoallergenic. In Platinum, 24K yellow and rose gold. $50.

Gift ready in a small, pretty box. It also makes a great hostess gift – How often did you need a thank you gift on the road? Keep a few Chrysmela in your carry on. Pop the tiny package in the thank you/birthday card envelope, and you are good to go!

Contributor: Mayumi ISHII from Chrysmela

Written by Ben Skute

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