Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine (2/13)

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Who would’ve thought that merely 1 hour flight away from the big capitals of Europe, one can find the unexplored wilderness, with great mountain biking place? Yes, sure Ukraine is not as hip yet, as the major destinations on the continent. However, that’s what makes it attractive for adventurous traveler. 

Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine have plenty of marked and unmarked trails, with challenges suitable for all types of mountain biking fans. Pylypets Mountain Bike park has four organized mountain biking trail, three of which are used for professional MTB competitions. It is also easily accessible by car from Lviv (large city with an airport connections to Germany, Poland, and Italy). 

Chornogora mountain range, on another hand, is located a bit farther 3 hours drive from Lviv. To cover up for the distance, it boasts multiple trails over the highest mountain peaks of Ukraine, including Goverla Mt (2061 m). All in all, Ukrainian Carpathians offer plenty of adventure, while keeping the large sway of tourists still at bay. Add to it extremely low prices, good locally grown food, quality accommmodation, and you are in for a high-action good-value weekend adventure trip.

Contributors: Oksana Arkhypchuk from Active Ukraine

Written by Ben Skute

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