Candy People Sugar Free Fish Swedish Gummy Candy (20/50)

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Non GMO and made with REAL sugar (no high fructose corn syrup), the Candy People packaged line features fun Scandinavian-inspired shapes and is the perfect on-the-go snack for kids (and adults!) of all ages. The line also includes sugar free options that are diabetic friendly. 

  • Swedish Dala Horse: Raspberry, citrus and pineapple flavored gummy candy shaped like the hand-carved wooden toy horses that are now a treasured symbol of Sweden. 
  • Sour Viking: Strawberry, pear, cherry, black currant, lemon and orange flavored sour gummy candy inspired by the chieftain-led Scandinavian tribes that lived during the Viking Age in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. 
  • Sour Melon Logs: Sour watermelon flavored chewy candy shaped like the old logs found in the mystical forest of Trollskogen, or the Forest of Trolls in English. 
  • Gummy Kicks: Mixed fruit flavored gummy candy sneakers with tutti frutti soles. 
  • Sour Skulls: Sour mixed fruit flavored gummy candy shaped like one of the most popular Swedish candies enjoyed by Swedes of all ages on Lördagsgodis or Saturday’s candies in English. 
  • Sugar Free Cola Bottles: Cola flavored gummy candy shaped like everyone’s favorite soda bottle. 
  • Sugar Free Pigs: Strawberry flavored marshmallow candy inspired by the importance of the pig in Scandinavian culture. 
  • Sugar Free Exotic Fruit: Tropical fruit flavored gummy candy inspired by Sweden’s love of fresh produce from exotic islands. 
  • Sugar Free Fish: Berry flavored gummy candy shaped like the herring fish (known as strömming in Swedish). 

Contributor: Sarah Langhorst from Candy People

Written by Ben Skute

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