Caffeine (9/34)

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I used to be super sensitive to the caffeine and could only handle about a 1/3 of a cup. Due to this sensitivity, I’d only use it on necessary occasions (the late night paper,to give me an extra boost at work when I was really drowsy, etc.).

Then came my move to NYC and a fast-paced job to go with it (not to mention access to free cold brew on tap, an espresso machine, and limitless brewed coffee). Here my coffee habit started to kick in and ever since, has been an absolute staple to my day. Every morning when I get into work it feels unnatural not to fix myself a cup of cold brew and sit at my desk. In fact, if the cold brew keg is kicked, I feel sluggish and as if half of me is missing. The taste, the immediate kick of energy, all bring my work day to a start (and cozy weekends)! I do feel I am at a point where I need coffee as much as I need my oxygen.

Contributor: Ciara Hautau from fueled

Written by James Metcalfe

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