Buy In Bulk! (1/20)

One can of beans = $1.50 – but for $1.75 you can buy an entire bag of dried beans, which is the equivalent of at least 5 cans. I also order rice in bulk, as well as most other non-perishables. Instacart has great deals on discounted healthy food. Starches are extremely cheap and so delicious. This recipe for flourless sweet potato brownies is both delicious and affordable, and sugar-free/vegan too!

For fresh produce, there is a Korean grocery store near my apartment with really cheap fruit. I think most cities will have some of these – you have just got to find a place where the fruit is reasonably priced. I buy large stocks of these items when they are cheaper in summer and then freeze them. Instead of buying a small pack of frozen berries from your local supermarket when it’s winter, you can dig into your own supplies – this is SO much more economically efficient.

Eat simply. Rice and beans together make a complete protein. This has none of the fat of meat, cheese or dairy (nor any of the cholesterol or acidity) and is also packed with more nutrients, vitamins and finer. Oatmeal is another great option. Beans are amazing! You can use them for anything. I use chickpeas in blondies, white beans in cookie dough, but also for great savoury recipes such as this Moroccan Harira (lemony chickpea-lentil soup). Cook it in large quantities and freeze for a quick meal!

Contributors: Soraya Beheshti from SorayaBeheshti

Written by Ben Skute

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