Build A Relationship First (10/17)

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One of the biggest mistakes people make is they send out cold emails asking if they can guest post on a blog. Most of the time those emails are sent out by software and the person hasn’t ever even looked at the blog they are emailing about. 

If you want to be able to guest post on any blog with a real audience, you need to first spend time at that blog reading the posts and seeing what type of content they are looking for. Then you should leave some meaningful comments on a few of the posts you really like so the blog owner or editor starts to recognize your name. 

Then reach out to the blog owner and thank them for their awesome posts and even ask them a question that is related to the guest post you want to write and that shows you have some knowledge of the topic they cover. Then when they have responded to your email, you can at that point pitch them the guest post idea. 

You’ll have way more success pitching this way and you will create some great relationships.

Contributor: Adam White from

Written by Nathaniel Fried

Co-founder of Fupping. Busy churning out content and building an empire.

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