Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (7/14)

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This book is still just as relevant today, as it shows us what can happen if we try to genetically breed a perfect society where everyone has a place but those at the top rule – and what it looks like when you create a caste system try and try to control information and keep the lower castes happy with soma or other pleasures.

1984 and other recent movies/books, whether Gattaca, The Matrix, The Island, Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, Fahrenheit 451, and others pick up on this same dystopian theme. It’s something every generation has to grapple with as our technological and scientific prowess continues to advance. What makes us human? What does a perfect society really look like? Should a small group with wealth, power, and education control everyone else?

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Contributors: Amanda J. Ponzar from Community Health Charities

Written by Taegan Lion

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