Bounce Back Fast! Post Natal Core Conditioning (28/42)

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Unlike most postnatal exercise routines, which are really nothing more than generic toning exercises, my program: 

  • systematically rebuilds all four layers of the abdominal wall, 

  • repairs diastasis recti (abdominal separation), 

  • eliminates back pain and pelvic instability, 

  • realigns the spine, 

  • and develops functional core strength and stability. 

Best of all, my system re-flattens the abdominal wall and narrows the waist, FAST! 

The DVD features three progressive workouts (one just for women with diastasis recti) and uses a fitness band (included free) so that women can adapt the intensity of the exercises to their individual fitness levels. The first workout, “Gentle First Moves” is ideal for post C-section recovery. All the workouts are short enough to do while baby naps. 

Thousands of moms, from all over the world have transformed their bodies with my powerful, yet easy to do, specialty exercises. 

Contributor: Helene Byrne from BeFit-Mom

Written by Ben Skute

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