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Blue Whale Tub Kneeler is the only tub kneeler with a removable, washable neoprene cover. It’s extra-wide and super comfy, to cushion your knees so you can spend more one on one tub time with the littles. Great for grandma when she comes to babysit! 

Contributor: Laura McKenna from Uncommon Markets LLC

Written by Ben Skute


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  1. Simply a great addition to organize bath products. I would highly recommend this and it would be a great baby shower gift too……!

  2. As a grandmother I found this “tub kneeler” to be an ingenious grandmother’s helper. We all know children love to play, laugh and splash in the bathtub, so the “tub kneeler” has made tubby time much easier on my knees. I totally recommend it ♥

  3. Love these! Gave to my niece as a shower gift and she uses it all the time. So much cuter and cushier than the other ones I’ve seen.

  4. Very handy, so thick, better than a folded towel. I like that it folds to put away and the material would be easy to wipe off any water. Super cute design too.

  5. Just bought another one for my daughter in laws sister. They love it!!! I use it when my grand kids sleep over Saves my knees. And they like to sit on it

  6. Oh, I wish I’d had this when my son was young! I go to a lot of baby showers so I’m going to bookmark this for the next one!

  7. I was so happy when I received this as a gift. I never realized how uncomfortable bathing my toddler could be without this mat, my knees thank you! I will definitely surprise my new mom friends with this!

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