Bloc Party – Ion Square (10/10)

Bloc Party - Ion Square

LYRICS : Ion square, perspex swings I breathe out, you breathe in Permanent midnight Our love, our love How we've come to depend On each other to the end The space between us has disappeared You finish my, you finish my words for me I remember how it began So

The frenzied and electro-heavy sound that surrounds ‘Ion Square’ makes for not only the best send off to a Bloc Party album, but it also makes it into a list of their very best sounds ever. The atmospheric nature of such a hypnotic swirl in keys and synths makes it one of those songs that would be so easy to lose yourself in.

Okereke’s vocals sound almost dream-like across the entire song and the nature of the song eludes to something deeper than most of us would ever think about without it. Despite the heavy electro sounds and fast drums, there is an elegant beauty to the song, however, and one that we as an audience never get tired of hearing.

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Written by James Metcalfe

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