Big Freeze 80 Oz Water Bottle (3/52)

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From the contributor: A popular choice for athletes, fitness gurus and health enthusiasts alike! As one of Cool Gear’s largest water bottles, the Big Freeze boasts an 80oz capacity, making it a great bottle to support your fitness goals. The molded design and easy-grip handle make it easy to rehydrate, recharge, and keep moving! Plus, the included EZ-Freeze® freezer stick keeps drinks colder, longer.

In addition to the Big Freeze, Cool Gear offers a range of fun, innovative hydration products, as well as Holiday-themed novelty items. Cool Gear brings a vibrant approach to hydration through patented innovation and unique on-trend design – encouraging everyone to stay hydrated!

Contributor: Sarah Rich from Cool Gear International, LLC.

Written by Ben Skute

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