Betcha Didn’t Know by Cynthia MacGregor (10/32)

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The book of Psalms is famous for having a silent “P,” which many people today in public restrooms also try to achieve. Although the Bible is not a funny book, it is full of references to paradise, the singular of which is “pairody,” so several people in the Bible apparently had a sense of humor. And paradise, of course, is what you shoot craps with. 

To judge from the frequent Biblical references, a lot of those characters must have been dice-players. Moses got so upset over all the gambling that he got a headache. God said, “Take these two tablets and call me in the morning.” Elijah rode to the games in a cherry yacht, which is a virgin vehicle. What it was vergin’ on was not disclosed in the Good Book. 

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Contributor: Cynthia MacGregor from Cynthia (Cyn) MacGregor

Written by Taegan Lion

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