Bathroom Organization Ideas (5/5)

  • Using plastic flower pots to display extra wash cloths in the bathroom. These pots often come in different colors so you can match your room decor. They can also be spray painted. These same flower pots can be used to corral shower gels, bubble bath etc in the shower.  Use matching saucers to catch soap suds.
  • Use a shower curtain clip to hang shower caps or small lingerie items in the shower.
  • Shoe bags(used to hold shoes) can be used to corral items like makeup, bathing items like extra soap, razors, cotton balls, extra meds, tooth paste, tooth brushes etc. Hang on the door inside your linen closet and close the door and no one is the wiser. Shoe bags can also be used for small children’s items.

Contributors: Carol Gee from VenusChronicles

Written by Taegan Lion

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