B4 – Celebrate tonight. Feel better tomorrow. (4/46)

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What if you could have a few drinks with friends but avoid waking up feeling like you got hit by a bus? That’s where B4 comes in. It is a precovery™ vitamin supplements engineered to shield your body against the aftereffects of alcohol. It’s like sunscreen for your liver. Take a can within the hour before your first drink to pre-hydrate and protect your body.

If it’s a big night out (family in town, work holiday party), you’ll want to reapply by drinking another can or two throughout. B4 is caffeine free but is filled with B vitamins which can help to give your body a natural boost. Our biggest fans are 24 to 45. They like to go out, have a good time but also have to wake up and be responsible in the morning.

Contributors: John Mansour from B4

Written by Ben Skute

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