Awaken Your Divine Intuition by Susan Shumsky (1/94)

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From the author:

My book Awaken Your Divine Intuition is for any woman who wants to get clear inner guidance from their higher self, anytime they want, at will. The book is based on one principle: Ask, and you will receive the answer. This book helps you to listen clearly to the “still small voice” of intuition and to receive love, healing, wisdom, and inspiration from within. it helps you solve everyday problems, receive creative ideas, get practical advice, and awaken your inner genius. It also teaches you how to distinguish and discern between that true voice of Spirit, and whatever else is in your mind.

It teaches a 10-test system to help you tell the difference between true intuition and the ego or wishful thinking. It teaches specific healing affirmations that clear mental blockages preventing you from getting clear accurate guidance. The book also helps you get clear answers by asking the right questions. It narrates the inspirational stories of people who have been following their inner guidance, which will inspire you to be led by Spirit in your own everyday life. If you learn the methods in this book, your life will be filled with miracles.

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Contributors: Susan Shumsky from DrSusan

Written by Taegan Lion

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