Avoid Negative People (23/23)

Once a professor came into my computer class and said if you are in this field for the money, then you aughta get out. I was not solely in computers for the money because back in the mid 90’s I knew computers were the way of the future. I understood it was important to overcome my weakness in tech. This was the BEST “mistake” I ever made! The computer classes did pull my super-duper GPA down BUT getting over my fear of computers paid dividends. I got out of the computer field a few years in my career because it was not my talent; however it allowed me to be ULTRA-SUCCESSFUL in life. I would not be where I am without them. By the way, a secret to being successful is focusing on your and your employee’s strengths, not to improve weaknesses… in most cases, not all.

Contributors: Greg Shepard from Dallas Maids

Written by Ben Skute

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