Auxilry – Dynamic Interchangeable Shirt Accessories 2.0! (13/32)

Style, Gadgetry and Reinvention!

Think Different, Look Different! Be the first to “CUSTOMIZE” your wardrobe automatically, with one fix! Make your own style! Impress everyone with Dynamic Auxilry Interchangeable Shirt Accessories 2.0! In a few seconds, it changes the entire look of the shirt! Customize casual button down shirts, polos, dress shirts and even dresses!

No Sewing Required!

Impress your prospects and clients… your boss… your friends… your co-workers. Only your fingers will know the secret!! Your “Signature Look” is what everyone will remember – long after everyone else’s expensive cologne or perfume has worn off!

It’s like a revolution in shirts, buttons, neckties and cuff-links – All At Once!

Pledge today on Kickstarter and become an Auxilry PCC member here: Auxilry on Kickstarter

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