Automated following (2/4)

Don’t be a spammer. I repeat. Don’t be a spammer. Do be an entrepreneur trying to enable brands and influencers to take notice of you. There’s a big difference. 

Using Twitter Follower Pro you can easily mass follow other twitter accounts. We all know that the era of guaranteed follow-backs is long gone, but many accounts who you initiate a follow with, will still often follow you back. 

Remember to be conscientious when using this method, don’t be constantly following and unfollowing the same people. Also piggy-backing off another account’s followers enters a grey area and really deserves it’s own discussion in ethical growth hacking. Ultimately, you know what is best for your business and you know you don’t want to be perceived negatively. So, use this tool thoughtfully. 

You need to attract more followers, and this is an effective method to achieve that. But, remember our goal is to grow fast, but controlled. Play with the tools settings and set it up for intelligent automation. You want quality followers in your community, not just a group of random people.

Written by Nikki

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