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Athleisure Is a Men’s Fashion Trend That’s Here To Stay, Here’s Why 

For the past several years, athleisure has been the trend to love. Joggers, oversized tees, and sneakers have welded the worlds of men’s fashion and comfort together. No longer are sneakers solely meant for the gym. And joggers? Oh, definitely not the same as sweatpants.

Go back in time and repeat that kind of commentary to someone from 2010—you would likely be met with some controversy. “Sweatpants” outside of a gym? No way. Sneakers in the office? That’s a no from me, pal. But in the last eight years, trends have changed. According to research by Morgan Stanley, the athleisure sector has seen an increase of nearly 42% since 2010. By 2020, athleisure is predicted to grow by another 30%—making it one of the most popular and steady trends of our generation.

And, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Like it or not, athleisure is here to stay.

But what makes athleisure so popular? Why is it a men’s fashion trend that’s likely to survive?

Athleisure was born out of the idea that consumers’ craved clothing that meshed with their busy lives. Between long commutes, overbook social calendars, and the desire to stay fit, the average American in 2018 doesn’t have time for the casual clothing change. Athleisure solved the problem of dragging your gym bag to the office if you wanted to get a lift in after hours. And, it fit with a global shift towards health and wellness that was occurring around the same time.

Eight years later, the shift towards health and fitness is still going strong. Younger millennials and those in Generation Z, are willing to pay a premium for health attributes, according to a global report by Nielsen. These generations are more likely to make healthier food choices and exercise more often. Fitness isn’t a fad anymore; it’s a lifestyle.

And if fit is in, it will continue to translate into the retail space, too. Consumers who are conscious of their diet and exercise habits, and treat them like a lifestyle, are also more likely to purchase fitness attire—like athleisure wear.

Our Favorite Affordable Athleisure Brands On The Rise 

At Purcado, we’re all major sneakerheads—and we’ve totally bought into the athleisure trend. Here are some of our favorite athleisure brands working hard to blur the lines between the locker room and your everyday wardrobe. Focusing on the shoes (since that’s our specialty!), we’ve compiled a list of a few must-haves.


Adidas took a page out of Nike’s playbook when they launched their Athletics line in 2016—and it’s only going to get better. Adidas has created comfortable, functional leggings, shorts, joggers, and athleisure sneakers for everyday casual wear. And, the release of the Adidas UltraBoost sneaker for men created buzz around style, making them an athleisure brand to love.

The Adidas athleisure shoe to love: Adidas NMD_R1


Comfort is the key to the perfect athleisure shoe—and Allbirds might just have the most comfortable shoes in the world. Allbirds Tree Runners are light, breezy and perfect for summer. Logoless and neutral in color, these sneakers are practical for everyday wear. Also, they’re made from natural materials instead of cheap, synthetic alternatives—so you can feel confident in doing your part to protect our environment.

The Allbirds athleisure shoe to love: Allbirds Tree Runner 


As a leader in athleisure, Nike is sure to stick to designing quality athleisure pieces. As one of the first brands to shift their style to include athleisure wear, Nike’s wide array of sneakers and activewear gives you comfort, style, and support for all of your favorite activities—especially their men’s Free RN Commuter. You can take these shoes from the gym to brunch—no wardrobe change necessary.

The Nike athleisure shoe to love: Nike Huarache


The focus on lifestyle clothing versus technical gear changed the game for Puma—and they’ll begin to dominate in the athleisure department. Taking direction for other major brands that were originally popular for athletic wear, Puma has created a collection of stylish, simple designs that can be easily worn in and out of the gym.

The Puma athleisure shoe to love: Puma Heritage Basket Classics

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