Are You Emotionally Ready to Retire? By Beverly Mann Lessard (9/40)

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Are You Emotionally Ready To Retire? It’s not a question that only Baby Boomers are asking, but also a question that all ages should be asking.

What author Beverly Lessard discovered through her own experiences as well as those of the people she interviewed, was that to be happily retired required more than a party and sleeping until ten o’clock the next morning. As one man remarked, you need to retire TO something, not FROM something. And the happiest retirees did just that.

The interviews in this book include those from people who will never retire and those who will retire as soon as possible; people who were truly experiencing the golden years and those who found themselves returning to work.

By reading the stories which relay the wide range of retiring experiences, people who are counting the days, weeks or even years until that magical date, will discover that if they fill their lives with all the right stuff, they too will be ready.

An ever-present problem for people who face retirement

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Contributors: Veronica Castle from Crimson Cloak Publishing

Written by Taegan Lion

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