Am I Going to Be Okay (1/25)

The book is the author’s journey through a life of dysfunctional relationships and how she weathers the storm of mental illness, addiction, and grief.

She is a mental health therapist who offers tips throughout her book on how to overcome anxiety and addiction.

Also, she discusses her experiences in college and love. It won the Dragonfly Award for first-time authors.

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Contributor: Mary Ortega


Written by Nathaniel Fried

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  1. Brilliant, intuitive, well conceived! Anyone with substance abuse in the family will benefit from the author’s insights. E. Kliszus, Ph.D.

  2. This book was such a quick read because I could put it down. Debra’s story is one hat many people can relate to and find strength from.

  3. Great book, Once i picked this book up and I didn’t put it down till I was done reading it …Fantastic Book

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