Place To Stay: Al Bait Sharjah (3/11)

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The first luxury hotel is opening in the cultural hub of the UAE. Located just 20 miles from Dubai along the southern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, and widely recognized as the cultural hub of the UAE, Sharjah is brimming with 6,000 years of history and culture.  From captivating souks and museums to majestic mountains and incredible coastline, Sharjah is a place yet to be explored by the international traveler for its cultural and historical importance, that brings to light the real Arabia.

Newly emergent on the international art scene, Sharjah is in the midst of an exciting cultural renaissance. Al Bait Sharjah which translates to ‘The House’ is set to raise the bar for luxury hotel accommodation in the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) cultural city of Sharjah and help to place the destination on the map. The boutique property will be home to 53 luxury guest rooms and suites and is built to resemble the traditional homes of prominent Emirati families.

The hotel facilities and amenities will include a luxury hammam and an array of dining offerings spotlighting local and international cuisine. The architecture and design will sensitively reflect Arabic culture, in tune with its surroundings and blending harmoniously with the heritage buildings in the district.

Contributors: Julie Leventhal  from JG Black Book

Written by Ben Skute

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