Adorable Octopus USB Hub USB Port Extender. (8/8)

usb splitter Cool Design Squid Design Black Pink White

I have a sturdy old desktop computer that I built myself but I prefer to work and play on my laptop.

While I enjoy having a portable, light versatile machine at my disposal, one thing I do not like about most laptops is that they only have a limited number of USB ports.

Once I have plugged in my webcam, my laptop cooling pad and my USB mouse, I am left with only one USB port for my flash drive, portable hard drive, my cell phone charger etc.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon that very cute octopus USB Hub port extender at my local computer parts store.

I am now able to plug in all my peripherals in my laptop at once.

This smart splitter lets me turn one USB port into 4, is compatible with most operating systems and feature a very easy plug and play installation.

To order this very useful USB Hub, click on the link below

Written by Beatrice

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