A Year of Living Kindly by Donna Cameron (9/50)

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A Year of Living Kindly by Donna Cameron is based on her journey to learn what it really means to live a kind life — which is a lot more challenging than most people might think and means a lot more than just being nice. What I really love about Donna Cameron though is that she doesn’t claim to be this perfect bastion of kindness — like everyone, she has moments of frustration, impatience and anger. AKA she’s human. 

There’s a misconception out there that kindness is a sign of weakness and that it’s soft and insubstantial. But Donna has another perspective. She sees it as a superpower because it truly takes courage, trust and confidence to be kind and to face incivility with strength without succumbing to it. 

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Contributors: Angelle Barbazon from JKS Communications

Written by Taegan Lion

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