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Step 1 – Create A Short Outline: An outline may take a little extra time upfront, but it is absolutely worth it to make sure the project is done right the first time. Also, if done correctly, you won’t need to make an outline next time because your team will already know what to do! Instructions: Lay out all sections of the project, and how you expect them to be completed. Adding details such as tools, sources, and references are very helpful! Keep it short! It should only take you 15 minutes to make a successful outline.)

Step 2 – Let The Team Take Responsibility: Once my team has the outline, I let them divvy up the work themselves. Not only does this help them learn independence, but it forces them to work together. I find that this approach aids in team building, creates office rapport, and in the long run saves time because when this type of project comes up again, your team already knows how to execute it!

Contributors: Lauren Deutsch from Cars2Charities 

Written by Zak Parker

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