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We just had a customer take Packbands on her trek to Kilimanjaro and she used them to fasten her trekking poles and hat to her backpack. Another customer used Packbands to secure rolled clothing in luggage and upon, arrival, used the Packbands to hold a rolled beach towel; her husband used one to hold his Kindle and wallet while strolling on the beach.

In other words, you never know when a Packband can come in handy! Typically, when you’re traveling, you could use an extra hand; instead, use a Packband to hold a water bottle or scarf to a backpack, hold an extra piece of luggage (like a garment bag) to your rolling luggage, or contain a puffy jacket in a tote or backpack.

Contributor: Martha Spelman from packbands

Written by James Metcalfe

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