Pagan Tarot (6/7)

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Pagan Tarot

The Pagan Tarot is a very interesting deck. Like to the Book of Shadows Tarot set, it depicts Wiccan beliefs and how they apply to life in the mundane world. But rather than showing them in two separate decks, both the spiritual and mundane, are shown in one deck and offers a glimpse into the Wiccan lifestyle.

The Pagan Tarot is a bit blunter in the in your face kind of way, which can be a bit difficult to deal with. This is especially difficult to understand if one is not familiar with the beliefs and principles of the Wiccan system, therefore it would be a good idea to have a book on the subject (UK readers, USA readers) on hand that can explain the finer points of their religion and culture.

Like other Lo Scarebo decks, the Pagan Tarot is somewhat outside the norm. While most of the titles stay the same, the imagery is very different. Most of the cards from both the Major and Minor Arcanas depict seemingly ordinary scenes in a young woman’s everyday life, as well as her second life as a Pagan. The Court cards titles have been changed to Novice, Initiate, and Elder in place of knight, queen and king. The Page is replaced by the Elemental; a nature spirit which corresponds to the elements that each suit represents, like a Salamander for Wands which are representative of Fire.

The Pagan Tarot is available, either as a kit (UK readers) which includes a guidebook, or just as a card deck (UK readers, USA readers).

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